How Does Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm Compare to the Big National Companies?

Should I use a door to door salesman for my security needs?

National Company:When it comes to something as important as the security of you and your family, do you really want to rely on a college student who is going door to door offering security products? How experienced is that salesman about burglar and fire alarm systems? Does he have a technical background? 

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm:

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm has experienced technicians that average over 20 years in the industry. They are all licensed and have had a background check.

What do our competitors mean by “free” equipment?

National Company:

Nothing in this world is free. The National company will make up the cost of the equipment in the monthly rate, or they may raise your monthly rate every year.

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm:

We charge a fair price to do a professional installation with a two man installation team. We do our installation work in two man teams so that we can be finsihed as quickly and effiecently as possible.

How competitive are the Monthly Monitoring Rates?

National Company:

Higher monthly service fees that continue to increase add up to a large expense. “Free” systems generally carry higher monthly monitoring costs that have increased significantly over time. With most national companies you are paying for monitoring only and the service is not included.

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm:

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm offers customers the ability to have service and maintenance cost already included in their monthly rate. Therefore, there are no surprise costs if you every need a service call.

So are calls for service included in the monthly fee?

National Company:

Maintenance fees apply after a short warranty. Maintenance on the system is not included for the life of the service contract. This means you’ll pay for service once your initial warranty period expires. 

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm:

Service is our number one priority? If you call us for a problem today it is our goal to have your system up and running tonight. You will talk with someone in our office and not someone in a call center across the world. Your service call will be taken care of by our experienced technicians.

How do I benefit from a local company?

National Company:

Can they have a vested interest in you?

Headquarters are out of state. Reaching someone to help or answer questions is difficult.

A large company’s response to service requests is much slower. Can you feel safe without your security system for that long?

You will probably find that the sales and technical staff have recently joined the company and have no industry experience. You do not want to place the safety and security of your family in inexperienced hands.

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm:

You are not just one of our customers, you are part of the Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm family.

 We take the time to get to know our customers and their concerns. We want to be your true security partner for life and grow along with you. Many of the families that have used us over the years have passed their positive experiences with us down to the next generation. We have been with many of our business clients since they first opened their business 25 or 30 years ago.