Frequently Asked Questions On Alarm Systems

  1. What is "System Not Ready – For Help Press Here"?
    A protected area or "Zone" is not ready to arm.Press the down arrow on the keypad to the right of the screen to display the area or "Zone" that is not ready. If the area or "Zone" cannot be cleared or set press the down arrow on the keypad,the screen will display the zone that will not set. Press the "Bypass" key on the keypad to bypass the problem zone. The balance of the system may now be armed by pressing either the "Exit" or "Stay" button.
  2. What is "Service Required – Press *2 For Help"?
    This display indicates there is a trouble condition with the system. If the keypad is beeping, enter your 4-digitcode. If the beeping continues, press the # key and enter your 4-digit code again.Once the beeping has stopped, press the star (*) key and then the two(2) key. The screen will now display the trouble with the system. 
  3. How do I bypass a zone?
    Press the (*) key and then the up arrow on the keypad until the zone you would like to bypass is reached. Press the "Bypass"key to bypass the zone displayed. Once the desired zone or zones have been bypassed, press the # key to return to the normal screen. The system may now be armed as usual.
  4. How do I reset the Fire Alarm?
    When the Fire Alarm is activated and the sirens are sounding, enter your 4-digitcode to silence the sirens. Search for the cause of the activation, once the cause is determined press the (*) key then the seven (7) key. The Red firelight should go out and the Fire Alarm will return to normal.
  5. How do I add a user code?
    For step by step written instruction click here. If you have any questions or concerns about this procedure please call our office at 1-877-338-7491. For a helpful step by step video, see below.

Arming To Leave Premises:

  1. Verify all protected areas are secure.
  2. The keypad must display "System Ready" and / or the ready green light should be on.
  3. Press the "Exit" Button on the keypad.
  4. The keypad should now display "System Armed – All Zones Secure."
  5. Your system is now armed and ready for you to leave the premises. Most systems have a 60 second exit delay.

Disarming The System:

  1. When re-entering the premises, you should hear a steady tone coming from the keypad. Enter your 4-digit code. The red armed light will go out; your system is now disarmed. Most systems are programmed with a 30 second entry delay.
  2. If the wrong code is entered by accident, press the # key and enter the correct 4-digit code.

Arming to Stay Inside The Premises:

  1. Verify all protected areas are secure.
  2. The keypad must read "System Ready" and / or the ready green light should be on.
  3. Press the "Stay´ button on the keypad.
  4. The keypad should now display "System Armed – Zones Bypassed". Any interior protection zones programmed to be bypassed "such as motion detectors" are now bypassed.
  5. Press the "Stay" button a second time and this will remove the 30 second delay and make the system alarm instantly upon any entry.

Disarming The System:

  1. Simply enter your 4-digit code to disarm the system.
  2. The system must be disarmed before opening any protected areas or the alarm will activate.

GE Remote Keyfobs

  • Lock Button: Arms the Entire System (Away Mode)
  • Un-Lock Button: Disarms the System
  • Light Bulb Button: Arms the system without motion detectors. (Stay Mode)
  • Star Button: Arms the entire system but without chirping the siren. Not used very often.
  • Police Panic: Press the lock and Un-Lock Buttons at the same time to notify the Police in a panic situation. This signal will generate an immediate dispatch of the Police by the central station.
  • When using the keyfob you must press and hold the button until the light on the keyfob blinks.
  • When Arming and disarming the system with the keyfob the siren will chirp once when arming and twice when disarming.
  • Any questions or concerns please feel free to call Southern Burglar and Fire at1-877-338-7491 to speak with a technician.