Commercial Protection

Commercial Protection

Southern Burglar Alarm has been protecting businesses since 1925. We understand the unique needs of businesses. We specialize in providing security solutions for small to medium sized businesses, but we have also installed systems in large manufacturing applications. Regardless of the size of your commercial application we can do the job. Whether it’s a traditional alarm and fire protection, or Smart Business Security with controls at your fingertips we can provide either.

Our commercial protection can help you eliminate “false alarms,” by helping you safeguard your business through video surveillance, intruder detection, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide monitoring as well as motion sensors, automated locks and notifications through your mobile device without having to leave your house, or social event after hours.

Our commercial protection is aimed at:

  • Protecting employees, customers and property
  • Deter theft, vandalism and other criminal acts
  • Monitor critical equipment/data
  • Receive automatic assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Reduce Insurance and Utility costs

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